Friday, October 5, 2012

Download Master

What's new
- Links displayed in a column re-sizable table
- Displaying files size on demand
- Displaying link name as shown on the webpage
- Supporting Unicode URLs and displayed name
- Extension window set to maximum allowed size
- Custom search string is matched in URL and displayed link name
- New display option to hide non file links in the table

Coming next
Depends on your feedback

- Add an option to download the displayed web page htm
- Get to Download Master from right click menu on a web page
- Get download links from a file e.g. file:///C:/links.txt
- Custom download location
- Bug: Download button disappears when changing Chrome 'Page Zoom'
- Keep the the last custom filter text in the box
- Download youtube videos
- Compress all chosen files to a single zip
- Hitting 'Enter' in the search box should start the download
- Limit the number of simultaneous downloads
- Support regular expressions in the search box
- Download the entire website keeping the internal link structure valid
- Sort the files by size
- Download flash
- Pause and resume downloading
- Download images from a Google Images result page
- Allow wildcard in the custom search box
- Allow user-defined pre-sets ("IMAGE_CAM_" checkbox near the ".jpg")
- Pictures thumbnail on mouse hover over a link
- Block Chrome's "Allow\Deny" pop-up on each download
- Limit the number of simultaneous downloads

Please use comments to report a bug or request a feature


  1. I've been trying to use this extension, as recommended by Multiply, to download all of the pictures to my laptop. However, a "Save As..." window pops up for each and every photo to save.

    Am I missing something, or is it really like this? Appreciate your assistance. Thanks!

    1. Hi rlaureen,

      In Chrome settings --> Downloads, you have a check box for "Ask where to save each file before downloading", it is probably set and this is why you get the pop up for each file.
      Unfortunately with current Chrome API I can't override this setting. I'll be able to do this as soon as the HTML5 download API will be officially supported by Chrome (currently it is in an experimental stage).

      I would suggest for you just to uncheck this setting for now.

      Please let me know if I can assist somehow.


  2. im still getting "pending for page to finish loading" when downloading multiply pictures. thanks!

    1. Hi kix,
      can you please post the website link where you see this?
      You can use my email if you don't want to publish the link here -


  3. Hello,

    I'm just experiencing a strange behavior with the new version. I'm downloading files (pdf) from a web page where all links are named "HTTPS Download", but we can see the original file name in URL himself. Until now all file was downloaded and locally named using this value. But with this new version all file are name "" "Download(1).download" "Download(2).download" etc...

    It could be nice if we can choose which parameter to use to define the name, and better if we can use regexp to extract the file from the url.

    1. Hi Pierre,

      thanks for the feedback, this sounds serious as you describe a quality regression.
      Can you please post the website link where you see this?
      You can use my email if you don't want to publish the link here -
      I'll check this ASAP.


    2. Hi Mona,
      The same happened to me. Every file is named and they are just a few bytes long (I'm trying to download a video from vimeo). The URL is

      Thanks for any help


  4. Why it is not working for me?...
    It says "waiting for page to finish downloading"... and does nothing more.

    Please help... thanks !!

    1. Hi Carlos,

      do you see this behavior on all websites or on some of them?
      Can you please post a link to website where you see this?
      You can use my email if you don't want to publish the link here -


  5. whenever i click the download master button i always get this: "pending for page to finish loading" what should i do?

  6. Hi there! Since the multiply is closing down they recommend this kind of downloader to download all the files i have in my account. However, I think i'm to dumb with this kind of technology I could not figure out how to do it. It just wont work for me and my other friends. We find it too complicated for us. IT would be a big H for us if you just tell the instruction on how to do it. thanks biggie!! =)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi jamirainz,

      you're perfectly fine, the problem was entirely with Download Master.
      Please see below, my address to Multiply users with a solution.

      Thanks for you feedback.

  7. Hi! I have been trying to download my Multiply files as well and I get "487 B Server Problem". What does this mean?

    1. Hi Crisitina,

      can you please describe where do you see this error printout?
      Would be great if you could send me a screenshot -

      Anyway please see below, my address to Multiply users with a solution.

      Thanks for you feedback.

  8. trying to download my multiply files and all ive been getting is "pending for page to finish loading" please help me:(

    1. Hi piaroj, thanks for your feedback,
      please find my proposed solution just below in this thread.

  9. Dear Multiply users,

    the issue with DM in Multiply is that it was not tested on such enormous amount of downloadable files.
    I've fixed the issue thanks to the generosity of one of Multiply users who gave his credentials.

    In case you do not want to wait for the official DM release, you can contact me via email to get a DM release candidate build of DM with the fix -

    Here are the instructions:

    1. Get DM version via email and download it (crx file) to your desktop
    2. Open Chrome
    3. In Chrome go to chrome://chrome/extensions/
    4. Drag the crx file from the desktop and drop it in the open extensions page in Chrome (this will install the version)
    5. Go to your profile http://[your user]
    6. Start the new DM installed extension
    7. DM will present the amount of files you have and the pending message
    8. Displaying all these files will take ~5 minutes
    9. When all links displayed, choose your filter (e.g. jpg)
    10. It will take DM ~2 minutes to check all jpg files check boxes
    11. Click Download button
    12. The download will start
    13. 'Allow\Deny' notification will periodically pop up in Chrome, choose 'Allow' each time to proceed with the download
    14. Also Chrome webpage error notification will periodically pop up, this is to notify you that the webpage is stuck, but this doesn't have an effect on the download process, you can choose 'Wait' for it to disappear.

    Please contact me if you have any additional issues