Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Download Master

What's new
1. Filtering based on text input
2. Selected links moved to the top of the table
3. "Link name instead of URL" feature removed

Coming next
- Download confirmation dialog (when more than 5 files chosen), enabling the user to avoid multiple Chrome pop ups due to the "Ask where to save each file before downloading" setting
- Fix: display issue occuring on Chrome 20.0.1132.57
- Facebook Like button instead of Facebook Share button (deprecated by Facebook)
- Notification in case a web page rejects a link scan

1. Add an option to download the displayed web page html
2. Get to Download Master from right click menu on a web page
3. Get download links from a file e.g. file:///C:/links.txt
4. Support Unicode links
5. Custom download location
6. Bug: Download button disappears when changing Chrome 'Page Zoom'
7. Keep the the last custom filter text in the box
8. Download youtube videos
9. Compress all chosen files to a single zip
10. Hitting 'Enter' in the search box should start the download
11. Limit the number of simultaneous downloads
12. Support regular expressions in the search box
13. Download the entire website keeping the internal link structure valid
14. Sort the files by size
15. Download flash
16. Pause and resume downloading
17. Download images from a Google Images result page
18. Allow wildcard in the custom search box
19. Allow user-defined pre-sets ("IMAGE_CAM_" checkbox near the ".jpg")

Please use comments to report a bug or request a feature