Saturday, November 9, 2013

Download Master

What's new
NEW: Display the links in Chrome built in extension window instead of in a pop up window
NEW: Removed the Ads

Coming next
[depends on your feedback]

Open requests
- Add an option to download the displayed web page htm
- Get to Download Master from right click menu on a web page
- Get download links from a file e.g. file:///C:/links.txt
- Custom download location
- Bug: Download button disappears when changing Chrome 'Page Zoom'
- Keep the the last custom filter text in the box
- Download youtube videos
- Compress all chosen files to a single zip
- Hitting 'Enter' in the search box should start the download
- Limit the number of simultaneous downloads
- Support regular expressions in the search box
- Download the entire website keeping the internal link structure valid
- Sort the files by size
- Download flash
- Pause and resume downloading
- Download images from a Google Images result page
- Allow wildcard in the custom search box
- Allow user-defined pre-sets ("IMAGE_CAM_" checkbox near the ".jpg")
- Pictures thumbnail on mouse hover over a link
- Block Chrome's "Allow\Deny" pop-up on each download
- Limit the number of simultaneous downloads
- Download files from multiple pages at once
- Renaming masks like here -
- Display total amount of links and amount of selected links
- Filter by file size

Please use comments to report a bug or request a feature